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  1. Adding automated tests to Electric Noir game-developmentunity3d
  2. Enemy Culling electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  3. Localizations in Unity: Part 3 unity3dgame-developmentlocalization
  4. Localizations in Unity: Part 2 unity3dgame-developmentlocalization
  5. Localizations in Unity: Part 1 unity3dgame-developmentlocalization
  6. Getting child objects from assets in Unity unity3dgame-development
  7. Palette swapping electric-noirunity3dgame-developmentshaders
  8. Enemies Assemble! electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  9. Making enemies electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  10. More dialogue mockups electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  11. Choosing a font face electric-noirunity3dgame-developmentfonts
  12. Pixel Ropes electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  13. Electric Noir Platformer Prototype electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  14. Perfecting Jumps electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  15. Pivoting electric-noirunity3dgame-development
  16. Adding an AI Player csharpdotnetunity3d
  17. Pipeline update - Normal maps and rim lighting masks for sprites asepriteunity3d
  18. Weird inverted image data in Unity csharpdotnetunity3d
  19. Electric Noir .plan #6 & #7 unity3d
  20. Electric Noir .plan #5 unity3d
  21. Electric Noir .plan #4 Metaunity3d
  22. Electric Noir .plan #2-3 Metaunity3d
  23. Electric Noir .plan #1: electric-noirMetaunity3d
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