More dialogue mockups

๐Ÿ“† Created on July 3, 2021. ๐Ÿ”– electric-noirunity3dgame-development

In the last post I was showing off some of the UI mockup work I've been doing for the dialogue system in Electric Noir.

If you couldn't tell, the initial mockups I did were heavily influenced by one of my favorite games: Disco Elysium. The way the dialogue was presented in that game was incredible but I didn't want to get tunnel vision, so I set about working on another mockup.

Comic books were a huge part of my childhood (and my adulthood to be honest) so I really wanted to pay tribute to them in the second attempt. After a few hours I had the following mockup created and the more I look at this the more it's becoming my favorite of the two. I really like the idea of emulating a comic book, including having the narrative bubbles that can inject more insight/humor into a scene.

I'm really happy with how the UI is coming along, what do you think about the mockups? Shoot me your thoughts on twitter.

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